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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I finished Infinite Undiscovery on the X360 the other day. It was a fun game, albeit a little cheesy at times (think 'Star Ocean lite'), and ended up at right about the right length. The high points of the game were definitely its item creation system - which was super deep, and thanks to a couple downloadable patches via Live super accessible - and the handful of multiple party battles sprinkled here and there. The pitfalls were the incredibly irritating vermification system and the seemingly underdeveloped connect action system (maybe I missed the boat on it, but I thought overall it felt kinda tacked on). The story was decent. The music and graphics were great! Voice acting was stupid... that's it in a nutshell, I guess! Seriously, 'Star Ocean lite' really sums it up!

Not sure what I'm gonna play next. I think maybe I'll finally get around to playing through Overlord! Or something of that nature...

PS - Prinny on the PSP is still kicking my butt big time. I don't know if I have the resolve to finish it... talk about a hardcore freakin' platformer!
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