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Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP

Hello... Ill just post my guides to the game..

1st of all I started with an elf fighter with the free elf priest and a drwaf fighter and level it up at the slums up to level 5 together, then went to collosium up to lvl 10 all then took the 1st quest for a Latroci to become at the forrest. Note: each character, u should distribute the skills and behaviors. After the first quest I change all 3 to different jobs and lvl them up to 10 each at the collosium and then change thier jobs again and lvl it up to lvl 10, each has a fighter class to increase thier HP.

Now, I have 5 characters with all jobs at lvl 10 each.
Melee class has a fighter on them at lvl 30 each, like my main character an Elf Samurai lvl 41, sub classes fighter lvl 37 & Priest lvl 20. My second charater an elf Enchantress lvl 40, sub classes Priest lvl 35 & Mage lvl 15. My third character a Dwarft Ninja lvl 40, sub classes Fighter lvl 35 & Thief lvl 15. My fourth character is Henry (halfling / quest - River) Anchor lvl 40, sub classes Priest lvl 35 & Thief lvl 15. My fifth character is a Knight ( human / Quest - Mountain) lvl 40, subclasses Fighter lvl 35 & Monk lvl 10.

Note: 1 character with all classes at lvl 10 has more behavior and skill points than lvl 30 character which makes it much stronger so its better to lvl up all classes for each characters and lvl to the max its main class. My main character has all class in it at lvl 10 & above except the 2nd classes coz I gave him only the Samurai as its 2nd class and its main class.

My lvl up areas:
lvl 1 -10 slums and collosium H
lvl 11 - 20 collosium G & H and forest
lvl 20 - 35 Samurai Secret City (Quest)
lvl 40 - above Machines Secret City (Quest)
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