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how did you win the dub tourney on hard?i have tried in a lambo murcielago and a fully tuned ninja and can not win.....what car did you use?
I won a range of Dubs by driving the cheapest car. The Golf GTI saw me through them because the rival cars are selected by the PS3 for their 'similar' performance. The races are therefore slower because the untouched 3,000 dollar GTi (with the full EMP special ability) is a slow car and as such gives more time to respond to all the other road users and corners etc. It took me ages to figure that out and I was getting very frustrated driving around in any of the fastest cars. All I ever seemed to do was crash and hit other cars because it was all happening so fast. The novelty of a powerful car wore off and I tried driving a slower one, then an even slower one, and then went for the cheapest car available - and that was the one which not only let me have fun racing again, but also to win!
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