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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I finished Chrono Trigger last night on the DS. This wasn't my first time playing this amazing game, but it was my first time finishing it! I really enjoyed the whole ride, and look forward to playing it again via 'New Game +' so I can tear up Lavos the very first time we meet (this playthrough, I stuck straight to the mainline and ended up getting the standard ending #1... kinda lackluster). My only beef with this having been on the DS was the split screen format - having to look away from the action while selecting commands for my companions - but I think I had a choice in that matter before I started playing the game... and I just chose wrong. Other than that, it really felt like I was just playing it on the SNES all over again. Very faithfully recreated!

Next in line on the DS is a little Ninja Town action. I don't know how that one's gonna go, but I'll be sure and let you guys know!
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