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Re: Please rate this review-Mirror's Edge

I agree with the previous posts. Just one additional comment regarding the last sentence of your review:
But, if you are looking for a game that is unique, and also want to have some mindless fun, than Mirror's Edge is worth at least a moment of your time.
Your job as a game critic should be to examine the game on its own terms, not to make purchase decisions for your readers. Accordingly, there is no need to "balance out" the review by following a series of negative comments with a semi-positive one like "but if you want mindless fun...." Contrary to, say, Mario Party, this game was not intended to be mindless fun. Its bland setting, inane narrative, and meaningless objectives (from point A to point B, as you said) are very real flaws since they do nothing but detract from the game's sole claim to fame--its controls.

So is it worth the purchase? Leave that up to the readers. If they are intrigued by what you had to say about the controls then they'll buy it. If they sense that you found the game somewhat disappointing and one-dimensional (this is how I read you by the way), then maybe they'll rent it or just ignore it outright. Just examine it as a stand-alone work and not as a product that one decides to buy in order to pass the time. After all, those who want nothing more than to pass a couple of mindless hours with a game are probably not reading your review (too busy playing Facebook Scrabble or something).
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