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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I just finished crysis (thank godddd). I loved the graphics. Im a major graphics whore lol. Amazing details and all the little touches. The atmosphere was great. In some ways the addition of the power suit gave the game a metal gear solid feel. Being able to sneak around and methodically take out the enemies.

However....there was something missing in that game. I cant put my finger on what it was. Perhaps the wishy washy story. Or the suspension level which reminded me all too much of that final halo level. Its almost like a written rule in gaming that they stick in one level to annoy the shit out of you lol

Btw..what is with EVERY action game having helicopter support for the main character, however the choppers cant PROVIDE support until you kill the enemies first? lol ffs How about an inbetween where you fight along side the chopper!

I ended up just running through the game and renewing the next target. Always a small trek further down the mountain etc.

Im not entirely sure what other people saw in this game...but im glad i got through it. The special effects were cool (although the rocket launcher explosions looked so cheap). My fav moment of the game was fighting that soldier with a rail gun and nano suit, sneaking up and strapping on some c4 Nice little touch how he looks down with this bomb strapped to him!
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