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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

probably been half year since i posted here

beat Devil May Cry 4 some days after buying it :d

had some really nice gameplay innovations like the exceed gauge combat system and the devil bringer
this is a game you can finish in probably 8 or less hours on easy, have a good time and never look back at it
or you can dig into the more complex gameplay mechanics and get really good at it (which gives you some sense of satisfaction -> check for a gathering of likeminded freaks)

game was a little short but the extra difficulties with enemies and bosses using attacks not seen on easier difficulties is certainly gives you a good incentive to replay the game
also this way you get to play more with the weapons you hardly had chance playing with first time through (like lucifer & dark slayer style)

it's a bit a shallow story but it has a certain flair to it and like the ingame characters all the scenes are beautifully choreographed

only down for me is the too-happy-environment (the first level with fountains remind me very strongly of the first level's shown in Bayonetta btw)

all in all loved it (this is my kind of game)

still playing it (i'm one of these dmc hardcore fans )

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