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Re: Please rate this review -- Gears of War 2

Decent review. I like how you staked out your personal feelings about the game in the first para, then took it from there. It takes balls to say you hate a genre, then admit the game does succeed on other merits.

Game criticism is about forming worthwhile opinions on certain points of the game, then expressing them. You have something to say, that's good. I'd say you're doing better than most game critics out there who write 1000+ word reviews and manage to say nothing! Your views are more nuanced than just 'i like it' or 'i hate it', which is also good. With a bit more polish on your expression, you'd have a good review.

If this article goes through editing, I'd suggest you look at what was cut from this draft, ask yourself why it was cut, then learn to leave it out yourself next time.

Some tips would be to avoid cliches like "visual feast" or "dark and gloomy".

Also, learn to cut the fat from your writing:

Lastly, I like examples of good gameplay moments. Describe a great moment you created in the game (or how a potentially great moment fell flat). Apart from adding punch to the review, it shows you've actually played the game.
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