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Re: Please rate this review: Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

Hey Izz.

this is probably your best-written piece yet... you do good work, no question.

that said, i'm gonna have to be the wet blanket here and say that it's all fine... except for the score.

a ten is a big number to hand out, and IMO, a ten has to be more than just avoiding problems. it has to really push the genre forward somehow, or really bring something special to the table. it doesn't need to be perfect, but it's got to have an element (or two) that really pushes it over the top.

i can understand your enthusiasm for Strong Bad, but i would encourage you to step back from your own personal appreciation and try to imagine how good the game would be if you weren't a Homestar fan.

for example, i played Ep 1 and found it to be a standard Adventure game that didn't really change up what i expected from the genre. in addition, i was not at all familiar with the Homestar mythos, and as a result, i was left wondering what was so funny when i knew full well that i was supposed to be chuckling at something. i strongly suspect (and it's sort of backed up by your own piece) that someone who's not already a fan probably won't be into the game, and that alone precludes the game from being a 10, IMO.

i don't say this as criticism of your writing at all, but as someone who's written reviews for the last decade... it's very easy to get carried away with how much fun you had with something and score it high, but like i said.. take a step back and really try your best to look at it objectively.

personally speaking, i can think of several games i would have loved to score 8's or 9's, but then i might go with a more realistic 6 or 7 once i try to extract my own personal tastes out as much as possible and take the game on its own merits, as well as how it compares to others in the same genre, and so forth.

i give the writing a green light with no edits, but the meta position of the review might need a nudge.
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