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Re: Fate: Undiscovered Realms Tips, FAQ, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes, Strategy

I basically beat the crap out of FATE Undiscovered Realms. I used the cheat code formula:control-shift with that little squiggly button over the tab key on your normal keyboard, and i have memorized all the cheat codes. I just did that cheat and typed in "legendary ancestral footsteps" about 40 times, then I used book of identity on all of them, which sold for 11 Million each after being identified. I then used the money to buy myself to the fame lvl of demigod, which is the highest. I had already used the "god" cheat which lvls you 10 lvls and your pet 8 lvls. I then used the cheat "descend x" where you type any lvl of the dungeon in where the x is, and you immediately go there. I went down to lvl 10,000 of the dungeon, then returned and got some high lvl quests. You can beat any dungeon lvl even if you have no armor or weapons that are very good, because you just use the cheat to summon like a thousand cats or dogs, which are the same lvl as the dungeon you are on. So my unstoppable army of pets destroyed every single villain on the dungeon lvl. I always keep the quest items unless they are worse than the armor i already have. This is because almost always the items you are sent to retrieve, if it is a retrieving quest, are much better than the rewards. I used this tactic until the overpowered magic giving me like a 20k% bonus in str attack magic and such, made me unstoppable. I had this belt of recoil that did like 1200% damage taken recoiled back to the attackers. My attack speed was like a machine gun, with incredible knockback, which blasted teh attacker like 400 feet away if it didnt ko on the first hit. I used an enchanted greatsword which pwned soooo bad. On the billionth lvl of the dungeon literally, I was kicking serious ass. Another tactic i used a lot, was running through the dungeon nonstop using ringing blast spell. It did about 300Million damage per hit cuz of my incredible armor bonuses. I had about 1.8 Billion hp and did about a billion damage per hit, and I hit about 600 hits per second with my sword. I dont reccomend this techniqe if you actually bought the game, but if you are using the unlimited free trial, then use this method i reccommend. I also had a marksman hat, which normally has really bad def bonuses, but it had a 3600% speed bonus, so I was like the flash running through the dungeons, one hitting about every single monster. If it hadnt been for cheats, i wouldnt have gotten past lvl 25 in the dungeon, but no joke its all about the armor magic bonuses and less about your actual stats. Personally I get my str to 400, dexterity to 320, magic to 150, and vitality to 200. I then get my attack magic skill to 100, charm to 100, defense magic to 100, and my critical strike to 50, my sword skill to 100. I dont personally reccommend wasting skill points past 50 on critical strike. With 50 points on critical you have a 30% chance of doing a critical strike, with 100 points you have a 40%, I think it takes like 1000 points to have a 90% chance of a critical strike. But with magic armor bonuses it doesnt really matter anyway. Those are some of my thoughts on the matter anyway. Cheats didnt ruin the game for me, they made it really funny pwning everything. I think i reached my max damage state after about 4 hours of playing mwahahaha!!!!
take care hope this helped.
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