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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

I beat the game (on a low level mind you) by doing the following:
- Created a small number of cities (4-5) just to keep administration of trade routes manageable.
- Focused on building Warehouse expansions as fast as possible so that I can stockpile goods.
- Didn't trade goods with europe until I was able to build a galleon (tax rate doesn't seem to go up unless you trade, so if you delay trading until you can do so in large quantites, you make more trades at lower tax rate).
- Spent my money hurrying cololists from Europe, and buying Guns and Tools.
- Started the revolution with 50 turns left. Gained independance with 1 turn left.

Here is my take on the military units, and fighting the King:
- I don't think you will ever be able to destroy the King's navy before it lands. Best you can hope for is to sink a few of his ships to kill off some troops, and reduce his bombarding power.
- Keep a full stock of guns in each city, so you can quickly convert colonists into soldiers once the Kings forces land.
- The plan is to expect the king to take over a few of your cities, but to make him pay for it dearly. Max out your fortifications, and have a crap load of fortified soldiers and colonists in there. (And maybe a few dragoons to "pick off" any injured King's forces).
- My experience was that after the king took over my 2 most powerfull and fortified cities, he seemed to run out of steam, and just bunkered down in the 2 cities. Then it was my turn to counter attack. In particular, Canons seem to be devastating at attacking cities (+100% attack) (And so, I would recommend keeping them back in reserve, and used exclusively for recapturing your cities).

Anyway, I only played 2 full games, so the above are initial reactions, and might not be the best strategies, but they might help a few people.

Remember, the game is NOT about conquering the world, or beating the other players. The game is PURELY about defeating the king. So creating 20-30 cities may be fun, but unless you have a plan where they will help defeat the king, it might just be a waste of time.

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