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Re: Lego Indiana Jones Tips, Achievements, FAQ, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes Strat

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Hi guys,

My problem is, it only shows 9/10 when i exit. I know i've got them all because when I goto double-triple check them - I only get a blue coin. The only one that does not give me the blue coin is the scooters when knowing down the cones?? I do remember getting the artifact for that feat though.

Stranger still - the artifact detector points a green arrow in the first area of the mission - just to the right of the lever you pull to open the first of the 2 awnings. the green arrow is in that room - but there is nothing there??

Any and all help is appreciated. direct emails are fine also. yobeske at (no spam please)
ride the scooter over the bridge and smash the cones. thee is a gap in the otherwise continuous line.
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