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Re: Lego Indiana Jones Tips, Achievements, FAQ, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes Strat

Hi guys,

I've done 100% of the game up to "the hunt for sir richard". I've gone through this level at least 4-6 times. I know the location of all artifacts and have done all required steps for each of them.

My problem is, it only shows 9/10 when i exit. I know i've got them all because when I goto double-triple check them - I only get a blue coin. The only one that does not give me the blue coin is the scooters when knowing down the cones?? I do remember getting the artifact for that feat though.

Stranger still - the artifact detector points a green arrow in the first area of the mission - just to the right of the lever you pull to open the first of the 2 awnings. the green arrow is in that room - but there is nothing there??

The artifact arrow does not appear on any of the other area of this level??

If I get to 99% and get glitched...I'll just freak.

Any and all help is appreciated. direct emails are fine also. yobeske at (no spam please)
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