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Re: Please Rate This Review: Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2 is the most overated game I have seen since Halo 2. The characters are soooooo slow. Running across the yard is like waiting for paint to dry. Turning to face your enemy feels like having no neck. I was frustrated and dissapointed within 5 minutes. Going online to join a game takes an eternity and once you win or lose it kicks you back out, you cannot continue to play in the same room. LAME. You can't jump. Running into waist high walls and you cannot jump. What kind of a soldier can't jump? Call of duty 4 put this game to shame and the new World at War blow this garbage away. And what kind of shooter game has the entire body of my character in the left screen blocking my view? This game sucks a big one. Within 6 months it will be in the bargain bin at tjmaxx for ten bucks and still be a ripoff.
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