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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

I seldom have a lot of cannons. I only huild them around the time the king attacks. Usually I never need or use them. I just buy a lot of guns and horses and when I declare independence I convert most of my harvesters. Stop trading is easier and you get 2 pop per city (=two dragoons per city).

My army of dragoons is usually equal or bigger then the kings when I reach 50%. Just remember to get the founding fathers that increase bell production. Both the 25% and the tax/bells guy are important. Also have newspapers in all cities and try to have no more then five cities for a smooth & quick run to independence.

I almost never defend. Just attack with the dragoons and whack the kings army back into the sea ! Dont forget to chop the coastal forests.

Ow, and offcourse try to get the 25% discount guy in europe ASAP. This normally is my first father before I start spending money. Untill this time I only buy guns/horses for trade + imigration
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