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Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP

Originally Posted by Virgil View Post
Okay so i just got my game a while ago.

Right now my team line up are:
Lv. 8 Fighter
Lv. 8 Monk
Lv. 8 Priest
Lv. 6 Mage
Lv. 6 Thief
Lv. 5 Priest

Yes I got two priest because. One priest I'll make his/her Sub Job as Mage/Anchor so it could damage and heal at the same time. And another reason is that when one priest dies. I've still got another one to help the party and revive the other priest whenever it dies. Having two priest makes my party survive more.

The quest Hostia Hunt Down Orders is I think a repeatable quest that you could do to earn much money faster. You get like 1900z per quest. What i do is that. When I get this quest, I just go out one room then you'll see like 3 monster with possibly 1-3 mobs per monster. Once they're dead. I just go to the next room then come back to the first room so they'll respawn. After getting the requested amount of hostia to defeat. Just go back to the guild and report the quest. This is an easy way to earn money. I do 1-2 runs after a normal quest so that i could use the money to buy a teleport card to bring me back home after i finish the desired quest.

I'll try to make a image of some requested dungeons.

I'll possibly try to finish the game and make my guide soon.

hmm.. ur team is nice but i like to remind u that u wont be able to find a extra rebirth book in chests that lies around. meaning u might have to dig up info from wikis that will show u which hostiae will drop that book. also the rebirth book can only be found in the mid game area lake arakatora. having too little fire power might end up leaving the healers doign nth but wasting mp on magic attacks, which u need 2 x the pots to recharge them. more costly this way.

wat i suggest is u place monk job as their main so they can increase their hp while having a priest as sub to heal. and when they lvl u can jus hit the int stat.

ALSO one piece of very important infomation i would like to share. UR CHAR"S STATS CANNOT GO ABOVE 99. meaning if u keep hitting eventually u will end up wif a char who will lvl but has no auto stats.

auto stats is a free stat given when they lvl prior to their jobs. so when u see the lvl up box u might see a few stat being increased sometimes. THIS WILL STOP HAPPENING WHEN THE STAT PRIOR TO THE JOB IS BEING MAXED.
so i only hit stats to around 80 and i stop for them to grow themself. stats that hardly grow are LUCK, RES, SPD.
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