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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Yeah, I was turned off by World of Goo's steep pricetag, too. I'd feel differently if it was a physical product, but I'm not quite to the point of paying so much for downloadable content just yet. Maybe one day...

Anyway, I finished another gem the other night: Gurumin for the PSP. A great game with a lot of charm. Very consistent from start to finish. Some of the levels started to feel a little 'been there, done that' by the end, but at just over 16 hours I can't complain too much. Something else that stood out about this title was the music and voice work. Some of the best I've heard on the PSP yet (granted, I'm still cutting my teeth on the little thing, but still)! I think this one's available through the PlayStation Store right now for $15 beans, but if you're like me - and you're willing to shop around - you can probably find a UMD someplace for as much or less!

Aside: The latest PSP update that installs the PlayStation Network and Store directly onto the PSP's menu bar is very, very cool. If you haven't caught this update yet, I highly recommend it!

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