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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Finally finished Okami for the Wii today. It was fun. I totally couldn't imagine playing it on anything but the Wii, though. Brush techniques with a controller couldn't have possibly been as much fun - or as rewarding - to land just right! Granted, it was a little testy at times, but still. I liked it!

The game overall hit a lot of high notes. The art was great, the story had its moments, and the fighting was nifty... but about half way through the game, I was over it. I can't say I regret soldiering on, though. The ending was inspiring! It did a lot to kinda send me back down memory lane - reintroducing characters and locations I remembered fondly - and I actually found myself reminiscing as though the experiences were my own. This might not have been so significant had I finished the game in a reasonable amount of time, but I think it took me something like 3 months to reach the finale (clocking about 40 hours overall, which doesn't say much for how often I actually played). Anyway, I guess what I'm getting at is that I liked it... even though I had a hard time finishing it! Haha!

Now that I've closed that chapter, I think I might pick up World of Goo and give it a go (it's out now, right?)!

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