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Re: Star Wars: The force Unleashed-Please rate this review

Hey Izzardius,

thanks for the piece... gotta admit you had some funny lines in here, and i chuckled a few times. = )

the good: your enthusiasm for SW comes through very clearly, and i liked the way you sort of examined all the aspects of the combat and physics.

to improve: although it was fun, the piece felt way too informal. i'd probably want to see a little more structure to it. also, KOTOR was referenced too many times towards the end... developers pretty much *hate* when we compare instead of discussing the title itself, though a few little snips would fix it.

the beginning was a little rough for me, too.. a little streamlining there would be good.

all in all, not a bad piece. you have a good voice and i'd like to see more from you.
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