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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by Brad Gallaway View Post
Damn, following up to my own post again. = P

Anyway, just finished Secret Agent Clank on PSP, and it was a complete pile of $h!t. Worst game in the R&C series, by a mile.

I may do a review if i've got the time, but if nothing else, don't waste any time or money on it.
An old friend of mine quit High Impact Games shortly after finishing Secret Agent Clank. Don't think it was related to the game quality (if I recall he was somewhat pleased with the outcome) but he was ready to move on.

As for me, I've almost "finished" Samba de Amigo for the Wii. Look for a review within the week.
I miss my N64 controller...
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