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Re: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

Originally Posted by Jayk View Post
Iīm totally stuck just somewhat after you!

If you go back down along the ledge/path and turn right where you climbed up, there is a rope you can jump to and climb to a higher ledge. When at the top of the rope, throw yourself one step "right" and climb the ledge. Then turn "right" and RUN past the lantern as it swings to the side. Here the clues insinuate for you to jump down to the left and continue upwards/straight ahead/upwards along that ledge. There you face a dead end at a lantern. To the left there is a wooden ledge with a treasure. To the right another one that I canīt reach, but my only guess is that this is the way!

On both sides of these points are chains hanging across to the other side - are these usefull???

Help please, anyone!?!

Finally figured it out,

On the wooden platform where the hidden jewel is at keep hanging on to the ledge and you can jump sideways over to where the two swinging lanterns are. Stay on the ledge until after you pass them and then you are free to get back up and keep going.

Hope this helps.
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