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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by idiotic View Post
Well, if you ask me, people who chose to sit through MGS cut scenes need to get a life, quick pronto!

The storytelling is self important and insufferable, and the commentary nullified as a result.
Please don't make sweeping generalizations about MGS cutscenes. I know MGS4's suck beyond their aesthetic properties, but the other games have better stories. MGS2 is nearly as bloated and batshit, but in a more perverse and fruitful way, and MGS1 and MGS3 are both satisfying pieces of storytelling, though MGS1 has some corny stuff in it that breaks the mood and MGS3 has poor translation, way too much exposition in the first hour, and takes the series deeper into supernatural territory in a way that doesn't always work. I think the difference is that MGS4 is the first one that seems to have been created just to make the fans shut the fuck up by giving them what they want. Fans do not know what they really want, that's why they're fans, and Kojima forgot this. He should have just moved on and made a new game, or given us the loopiest, most avant-garde MGS yet that answered a couple questions and left thirty new ones, not listened to his staff and killed Snake, and then moved on.
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