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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Nice to hear you enjoyed it, idiot. To be fair I really liked the game myself, but when you actually sit through the cutscenes it's hard to not be disappointed.

I have a few questions though. How did you feel about

The microwave tunnel?

especially since you skipped all the other cutscenes. And did you bother to watch the ending, and if so, what about it?

As for my own "what I beat" update, I finally finished Ys III: Oath in Felghana and I think I prefer the original, ugly version pretty heavily in this case. The new gameplay is fun, and the redone music is top notch, but they "fleshed out" the characters and story, which really just means they anime'd everything up and made it somewhat more grating than before, and all of the redone dungeons seem like generic dungeons from any game ever. The dungeons in the old game had quite a bit more character.

It's not bad, but it really just made me long for running around like a human buzzsaw in the TG-16 version.
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