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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Just finished Metal Gear Solid on the PS3.

Let's just say I found it more enjoyable than Brad, Boy, Gene and the other whiny bitches on this board.

Then again, I approached the game with very low expectations, especially since so many avowed fans were let down by it (on this site anyway).

All said and done - and taking into account that I barely watched anything said and done - I ended up liking the way the video game varied the game play, and that each act had its own atmosphere and identity, so to speak.

Since I've never taken the mythology or storytelling seriously, I can't presume to comment on what is (presumably) the defining characteristics of the game.

I did, however, generally enjoy the playing fields, despite the many shortcomings and lengthy cutscenes that were supposed to stitch everthing together.

The game remains a patchwork cut from its own cloth, and its difficult not to be struck by all the incongruous elements. Very little impresses in its own right, but the emperors new clothes never looked so bright and shiny.

The game gets a solidified 8 from me, although in its liquid form, the ratings tend to ebb and flow with the variable experience.

I'd even so far as say that this is the most enjoyable MGS game I've played - take that for its worth from a non fanboy who was barely paying attention to most of what constituted the 'game'.

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