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Re: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

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I am stuck in Chapter 2 in which I have to cross across the river, which shortly becomes a massive waterfall. If I jump in the water, I go off the waterfall, and die. There is a little cave thing, and in it the hint just points me to some wooden thing. I have no idea what to do; it seems I've tried everything. Please help.
Hope it not to late, as I myself was looking into this very matter. I am supprised that no one has even hinted at this problem. After some deeper research the cross thing is really just to look at. I guess it all ties into the story somehow later on. My son has just come back here after deciding to move on. This is his quote on how he has moved on. I went left after going out of the cave then jumped onto a ledge. There are 3 more ledges that you have to jump onto that will be to the right. Then jump onto a big rock, jump onto a ledge that is on the rock, then there is another rock behind you (jump there). Then you will be on a big long ruin platform thing. Then jump to a rock on your left. Should after a couple of jump come to a cliff with legdes. Hopefully this will help, as it could go on and on. I was back here looking for the same answer I am leaving now when he completed that section, so I didn't see anything. Directions from a 9 year old can sometimes be tricky. Hope this has helped.
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