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Exclamation Re: Nancy Drew: The Mystery of the Clue Bender Society Tips FAQ, Help Hints Cheat Cod

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
PLEASEEE!!!!! help me.
i am soooo stuck.
what am i suppose to do after i give mr.wargave the tomb box that i got from the music jukebox from the uning forks.
he told me to look for the missing tomb book.
and i dont know what to do next.
sooo please someone pleaseeeee help me!
now you have a key right? so now you need to go upstairs and into the room that was locked. do you see a greenish colored machine ???? there is 1 evry other hallway!!!!! they have strange symbols that can be changed. the point of these machines is to open the golden doors that are locked with miss lovegoods symbols, to do that you must look at the gold locked doors. you will see 2 lines of 4 symbols. look at the top 4 symbols. write them down, then head up to the greenish machines again! go to all 4 and change them to match the written down symbols then that dooris open!!hope i helped!!!!!!!!
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