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does anyone know if there gona make other one because i am looking forward to learning the move reusendgun because they cant just make one n leave it at that i am hoping that they make naruto 2 so the story go on because i dnt want it too stop there n if the makers of this game are reading this plz make other naruto so the story goes on like they did 4 blue dragon that was a 3 disc game and it was awsome !!!!! plz and thank you ps how can i get health fast
ok i know that there is goin to be naruto:the broken bond video game for the 360 in november 7 2008 and its going to be about where the the game rise of a ninja left off and there will be 25 playable characters ,and you will learn resenagade i forgot how to spell that ,and itachi is going to come out in this game can learn more if you google search it and look for wiki pedia
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