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Exclamation Re: Blue Dragon Tips, Tricks, Hints, Help, Cheat Codes and Strategy

i am getting confused not about the game but all these people saying i am getting stuck on boss here is a realy good tip dont be a noob and rush through the game i did that go far now i am restarting because i got far but i am too weak. now training so far i am on the disc 2 and i am just running around fighting monster to get levels up if you dont tdo this you will keep getting stuck like i killed the first boss you fight. i at level 10 killed the boss people call orange dino or something i train for ages if you dont do this you will to the 3rd disc and be level 30 or 40 when you should be higher so train more and dont skip monsters and stop say i cant kill it i killed all boss in disc one with not having one person die not one and it did not take a hour it took a few min
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