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Re: Nancy Drew: The Mystery of the Clue Bender Society Tips FAQ, Help Hints Cheat Cod


I restarted my game because

1) I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. (although, I'm quite sure I did....)
2) A lot of people were asking where they can find things and I figured I'd be nice for once and write all my findings down .

So here.

THE GEARS. (4 gears)
#1 is on the second floor in the locked room with wierd symbols.

#2 is in the boiler room (red room/basement).

#3 can be found in that room that is locked with wierd symbols in the square hallway with all the knights and stuff. (1st floor)

#4 is in the library. (the locked door with wierd symbols in the main lobby room with that old guy in it...)

THE TUNING FORKS. (3 tuning forks)
One is in the clock. Turn the clock to 9:00 (2 bells before 11 is at 9)

One is in the piano. (there's a post before mine telling you which to press. Go look it up cuz I'm to lazy to try and remember what I did).

One is in the chest in that really girly purple room.....

THE TORN SHEET OF NOTE. (3 torn pieces)
one is tucked into a knight (in that square hallway on the 1st floor)

one is behind a shied in that tribal-looking room (with a dead zebra on the wall or something....)

and one is upstairs on the picture.

When you get to the music box/juke box thing, the order is GC DG GCD.

THE COIN. (3 fragments)
one is with greg.

one is with the kid's dad (which took me a while to find because that little bobbing arrow was so tiny, i didn't see it >:|)

and the 3rd is with the cat. Speckles or Sprinkles or something o_O Can't remember the thing's name. v_v.

THE BOOKS (3 books)
one is in the underground maze.

and the last 2 are in the library (the main lobby that the old guy was in)

That's pretty much all I got....

So. My questions:

1) Where are the stupid drums? I can't find them and I'm getting cranky o_O I haven't found any. NOT ONE! RAHHH!!! *turns into the Hulk*

2) Where's that dang communication room?

3) I was about to ask about that Iron Puzzle Box but then I figured it out (duh) and found my first drum. Where do I find the rest?


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