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Smile Re: Wii Fit Tips, FAQ, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes and Strategy

I've been doing a lot of ski jumping, and have been doing this to get good jumps.

My longest single jump has been 197 (crashed on the other)
and my highest total score so far is 382.

1. keep the speed up... but I also noticed that even on my longest jumps... even though I pulled off the blue dot for a moment, twice (not on purpose), I got my highest score of 197 in a single jump.

side note... when the speed turns from black to red... what does that mean? Do you want to get in the red speed? or is that too fast? I believe you should get red... but I'm not 100% sure.

2. I found that jumping earliest has worked the best... as soon as you cross that red line. I'm guessing that gives you the rest of the ramp to stabilize your balance after you stand up. It's only a tenth of a sec... but enough to get rid of that slight wobble when you stand.

3. MOST important is staying centered (left and right)... I have not noticed that it matters if you are leaning forward or backward, I've gotten good scores either way. But try to not move that dot at all. Especially side to side.
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