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Re: Wii Fit Tips, FAQ, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes and Strategy

Tips for ski jumping:

1. Keep your knees bent, arms behind you (either holding the remote with both hands behind your back, or off to the sides like the mii does) during the descent. This pose helps keep the dots aligned. Keep the feet wide with the toes just off the front of the balance board.

2. Jump at the last possible moment (it seems that risk-taking is rewarded), pushing off QUICKLY and hard. The harder you push, the higher you seem to go.

3. The REALLY important part is to keep the dot RIGHT ON THE CENTERLINE while you fly through the air. Even a slight lean right or left of the centerline will shorten the distance.

For rhythm boxing, note that the name is RHYTHM boxing, so you HAVE to "get" the rhythm. Try to match the feet, and punch the targets just as they appear. If you time it perfectly, you get double points.

For slalom, we've found the best footing if you put the toes just over the corners of the balance board. This seems to be ideal for keeping the dot in the blue bar (which keeps you going very fast), while allowing you to lean back on your heels to slow down a little through the middle part. At first, when you go fast, you'll find that you seem to miss everything. But keep going fast, and keep practicing, and you'll rapidly keep getting better. We're getting through now in 40-45 seconds, with no misses on advanced. Keep your movements SMALL when the gates don't require you to fly from side to side.

For table tilt, advanced level 8, it may help to allow some of the balls to drop off the edge. When the board spins (as it does whenever the balls fall down), some of the balls will be directed near the holes.

For the tightrope walk, my son notes that you can do this without actually lifting your feet. For me, it works best if I alternate going up onto tiptoes on each foot, but he just rocks side to side. Keep your upper body as still as you can while you move your feet. Make sure you're balanced before you jump to get over the teeth.
Good luck, and have FUN!
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