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Re: MGS4 Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes and Strategy

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so how do you beat flying mantis? I have worked on her and not been able to do it. I also only have 4 rations and nothing else.
To beat Screaming Mantis is very simple.

ok the first thing you do is use the syringe on yourself as soon as the battle starts, u will automatically break from her control after removing the nanomachines, after that shoot at her 2 dolls they both will take 4 hits until they fall to the ground. make sure u pick them up before she gets them back. she only uses 2 attcks 1 being she teleports towrds you and slashes at you. all you have to do is roll away when she slashes. and her second attack is using the soldiers to shoot you, they can be killed, and if meryl starts to annoy you shoot her and do exactly what you did with vamp by grabbing her and using the syringe.

as for your 4 rations , check the doorways and the perimeter of the room u can find some rations there.
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