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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Oh, I've beaten GTA4 four times now. I think I'm ready to move on with another game, particularly since I unlocked about 90 percent of the game, and am not at all interested in unlocking the final 10 percent.

I'm switching modes now to the Wii, and turning my attention to small bouts of LostWinds and Okami. I'm ready to give Okami the full attention it supposedly deserves, and my experience so far with it has been relaxing. It's nice to be able to delve back into a fantasy adventure setting.

It actually kinda makes me want to replay Zelda: Twilight Princess, so I ended up ordering the GCN version off of Amazon for only $25. I gave my Wii version to my sister, and I would prefer to play the game with a spinnable camera and a Gameshark just for the sake of running around with a lantern all the time.

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