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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

So Bioshock was a fun romp. At its best it reminded me of Fallout, like when stealing the idea of using Ink Spots songs ironically. The character design and animations are just great, but the mechanics for actually fighting those enemies didn't do it for me. The Call of Duty games are still kings of the single-player hill as far as I'm concerned. The action isn't really hectic enough to scrath a run-and-gun itch, but the level design doesn't make it fun to try and play the game as a stealth or tactical shooter. Maybe the biggest disappointment for me was fighting the Big Daddies; I was hoping fighting them would be this desperate struggle to bring them down before they could reach you and crush you, but they are super nimble and use long range weapons and there just isn't enough room in those corridors to make that kind of mini-boss battle fun. I thought the funnest (gameplay) parts of the game were the final boss battle, easy as it was (because you actually had room to maneuver!), and the rare moments of holy-shit-get-away-from-me-you-psycho intensity that reminded me of Condemned.

Another part of the experience I wasn't so crazy about was the usual collecting and loot searching nonsense. It'd have been sweet if you could actually build your own inventions from the scrap you find lying around, but I appreciate that this would be super hard to implement. But couldn't they at least have designed the loot system so that you automatically pick up items by walking over corpses? Maybe they thought all the searching would make the game world more immersive, but to me it was just tedious. You want to make the game world more immersive, emulate games like Penumbra Overture.

But whatever, fun game. Definitely a solid 8/10.

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