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Re: Red Ring of Death hits me

Originally Posted by jdingo View Post
By the way, my 360 RRODed weeks ago. I called XBox support on January 26. The coffin arrived on February 5. I packed my 360 and sent it to Microsoft the following day: February 6. It arrived in Texas on February 14. It's now February 24 and there is no sign of a repair or replacement.

So it's basically been a month since the call to Microsoft. And I'm still waiting.

It's a good thing I have a second 360.

- jdingo

So I got my replacement on February 26, so I once again had two working 360s: my "second" 360, and this new "replacement" 360.

My "second" 360 RRODed last week. Coffin arrived two days ago and I shipped it to Microsoft yesterday: May 15.

Today it's May 16 and the "replacement" 360 died. It is displaying "System Error: Contact XBox Customer Support. E74". I have removed the hard drive, changed the AV cables, cycled the power, everything. I still get the same E74 message.

So now my two store-bought 360s have RRODed, and the refurbished, "replacement" 360 has died within a week of use.

Despite owning two 360s at any one time, they are all now dead.

Jasper can't come soon enough.

And - Microsoft - you owe me an apology.

My PS3 has never failed.

EDIT: Called XBox Customer Support and got a reference number for my E74 repair job. And of course I was given a reference number when I called early last week to report my RRODed 360.

The difference between last week's reference number and this week's reference number is 733,673.

Is it possible that XBox Customer Support has had to issue that many reference numbers to customers in that amount of time? That would seem to speak to the extent of their problems.

- jdingo
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