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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I kinda came to a realization last night as I chugged right through to the end of FFVII: Crisis Core on the PSP. That realization is that I'm really no longer a completionist! I mean, I usually start a game off with good intentions - I check FAQ's before I start to make sure there aren't any missables, and I scour nearly every screen down to the smallest detail to make sure I get everything - then something happens. It's like I just snap! After I finished clearing the Nibelheim chapter in this particular instance, I just hit the gas and didn't look back. Stuck to the main road and said, "To hell with it, I'm ready!" And you know what? I'm ok with that!

Having said that, I feel my experience with this game - though I completed the main storyline - is quite limited. I only completed about 40% of the missions. I never once played around with Materia Fusion (except the one spot in the story where you have to). And I never really felt the need to max out my stats or level up my skills! I think what it ultimately boils down to with this one is that I really only played it for the story - which, apart from the reimagining of the events at Nibelheim, was mostly forgettable! *grin*

Looking back, I'm glad this game was relatively short. I clocked in less than 20 hours to the finish line, and have a generally positive feeling toward what I spent that time doing. And I'll be more inclined to revisit the game for the 'New Game +' feauture knowing that it could be a pretty carefree, over and done experience!

If you're on the fence about this one, just ask yourself how much a fan you are of the FFVII universe. If you're not all that into it, you probably won't get much out of Crisis Core. Just so you know!

- EJ
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