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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Bad Mojo on the PC. A great game, but it really shines when there are no cutscenes playing and you can pretend there isn't a plot.

It's not that the plot was especially bad (though it wasn't good), but that the plot was kind of tongue-in-cheek silly, while the bulk of the gameplay had an almost Silent Hill feel. There was a big disconnect there.

One observation I made while playing was that the game so naturally exhibited the Silent Hill atmosphere (and before SH even existed) that if SH5 were in the hands of this western developer (who probably doesn't even exist anymore) rather than The Collective, I wouldn't have any concerns about the game at all.

I especially liked how easy the game was. Games in the adventure genre shoot themselves in the foot by catering (or having catered to, given that they sort of don't exist anymore) to an idea that they have to be really hard to be enjoyable or something, and then ending up as obtuse and illogical. Bad Mojo was straightforward, highly linear and brief.
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