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Smile Real and Actual

This message is for all peoples who are finding cheats or cheat CODES at the gaia.. Im sorry if I have just informed you about this...
There are CHEATS in gaia like walkthroughs, secrets and info. But gaia doesn't have any CHEAT CODES (ex. showmethemoney, hesoyam)
CHEAT and CHEAT CODES are not the same because CHEAT CODES are the one that you should type while you are playing the game just like what we are doing at the game GRAND THEFT AUTO..
Im not like the other peoples
who are searching for cheats for many years but I can surely say that the only thing you can cheat at the gaia site is the 2 GAMES, and its the Fishing and The Jigsaw.. You can find the cheats at those gaia games if you searched it at the google.. But, take note, the cheats that they will give you are not CHEAT CODES although, its only CHEATS and you should follow what they instruct you but always remember not to give your username or password to anyone or else get banned forever...
Some CHEATS that they will give you needs a program to make the CHEAT work...
I have a tip to all of you, you can only CHEAT gaia wothout following their HARD instructions by using a HACKER or HACKING PROGRAM.. HACKING PROGRAMS are needed to download and there are many kinds of HACKING PROGRAMS especially when you searched it to google... If you want to download a HACKING PROGRAM, just type this at the google search bar: GAIA ONLINE HACKING PROGRAM.. And you will see many choices, choose a CLEAN and GOOD HACKER PROGRAM to prevent VIRUS and WORMS...
You would only know how to use the HACKING PROGRAM if you read the instructions and first of all, don't forget to read the TERMS and CONDITIONS of the HACKING PROGRAM before the download completes because these are IMPORTANT..
If you don't trust HACKING PROGRAMS to download, then you should get a ANTI- VIRUS PROGRAM also..
If you want a POWERFUL ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM, then go to this link:
There are many version of AVAST ANTI-VIRUS so choose the one that you like most..
I am not indursing this site nor earning money when you download the ANTI-VIRUS because this is REAL

Anyways, this is the only TIPS that I can share to all of you. I'll just post again here if I have discovered ANY.

This is also REAL about MYSELF, I am just 11 years old but I am HELPING all of you because I don't want to make ALL OF YOU to look FOOL or GET CRAZY finding CHEAT CODES at Gaia, so,
if you want to know me more or if you have more questions about the REAL and ACTUAL, just contact me at my Gaia account. This is my username: ChalineL
I also have bebo account and my username is: ChalineL, my e-mail is:

I wish ALL OF YOU would trust me.
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