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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

...Nobody's finished anything since I posted here last time? Come on people, put the multiplayer aside for a few days and let's start wrapping some of these lonely, neglected 1P games up.

As for me, I finally put Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on DS to bed last night.

Out of all four "Ace Attorney" games, this one was by far the weakest. It didn't start getting interesting at all until Phoenix came back for a while in the fourth (and final) case, and that one was a confusing mess of quasi sci-fi.

I guess overall I found the characters dull and the cases to be getting absurd to the point where I couldn't really go along with them, even in terms of being videogames.

Capcom needs these games to go back to being simpler, and remember that not every case has to be a four-part epic. Sometimes, it's fun just to unravel some standard murder without having too many outlandish tricks or ridiculous leaps of logic. it's like they feel the need to keep pushing the envelope of logic with each game, and they really don't need to complicate it so much.

More tedious than anything, i'm hoping that the "Attorney" series doesn't end on this down-note.

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