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Re: What Are You Reading Right Now?

Originally Posted by Avptallarita View Post
Greek epics, as most epics, are about a golden age and are supposed to represent a better world. Greek heroes, in this sense, are naturally archetypal, since they're supposed to function as moral guides for men of the present. It might not make for a story-telling experience quite as engaging as a contemporary novel, but then, it wasn't written for contemporary readers.
That's an interesting theory you got there. Personally, I haven't read a lot of epics, but the one I'm quite familiar with, which is Journey to the West (which I definitely recommend, especially if you want to understand some part of Eastern culture), isn't quite as idealistic as heroes from Odyssey. Sure, the four main characters have superpowers, but each of them has their own weaknesses. Son Goku is too impatient. Cho Hakkai is a hedonist. Sa Gojo is hideous. And Sanzo has no superpower at all.

Doubt you'd like the Iliad, given your reactions. Might enjoy the Aeneid though. Also, well done on joining the circle of pretentious wankers who have read Ulysses.
Well, since I do have the Iliad, I might as well dust it off my shelf soon and read it. I'll probably roll my eyes on its many parts, but I doubt I'll hate it. And thanks for the congratulations. I feel... expanded!
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