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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Excuse the double post.

Not sure when last I posted on topic, but just in case:

Oblivion is complete. What a fantastic game. The main quest was a bit tepid, but everything else was swell. I enjoyed getting to the top of each guild, etc. And Shivering Isles was creepy, but by that point I was ready to just get the quest done. This is the first 360 game that I maxxed out the achievements. It's got me pretty jazzed about the upcoming Fallout release. Oblivion will be tough to top.

Does Portal count? Strange and enjoyable, but I'm not sure I'll mess with anything else on the disc.

Lost Odyssey was fun, albeit not a huge challenge, especially into disc 3 and 4. It was too easy to over-level, especially if you were going for some of the achievements. Personally, I'm done at 980. The "Treasure Trove" achievement can kiss my ass.
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