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Cool Re: Gaia Online Cheat Codes

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
1.) You're the reason teenagers hate themselves.

2.) There are no cheat codes. If you're a /true/ gamer, you'll realize that you have to earn things. DUH!

It takes someone really stupid to be looking for cheat codes for 2 years. Especially like yourself, here is some ideas: GET A HOBBIE, Make a cheat on a program, GET A LIFE (because we dont want to hear you whine). And my personal favourite: A Couselour :].
I like Gaia every once an awhile, and yes I go to google and type: Gaia online cheats. But what to I get?? A stupid chatroom or forum with kids complaining BLAH BLAH YADA YADA STUPID GAIA YADA YADA YADA.

The worst of all is YOU and the PEOPLE who read your
stupid comments and post: "I agree, Gaia sucks with cheats" and so on and so on... Hopefully you dont post stuff like this every stupid day, cuz honestly, I dont care.
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