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Re: Gaia Online Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

listen dude i'm a gamer really i am and i do know how to cheat on gaia but let me tell you this I NEVER HAVE AND I NEVER WILL
and if you want gold that bad to the point of cheating then you MUST be a noob because i have already achieved my dream avi
but if you need to know then just get a comp up grade and make it so your page refreshes every 5 seconds ( hint : gaia tells you this is the only way to cheat in one of their comics) also every time you refresh you get +1-5 gold so 30min=1800 gold so 24 hours =74400 gold

ps gaia now can tell when you do this so yah try to be more like me and ahh i don't know? don't cheat, maybe?
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