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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I wish I could say I liked the change of casts from the ace attorney series, but Apollo Justice let me down.

Oh, I enjoyed the game a lot, that goes without saying. Capcom exerted efforts for making this game different to the predecessors. You can now not only press or present evidence, but do something else (which I won't spoil), and I think that something else is awesome. The features from PW1's DS-Exclusive chapter makes a comeback here, only this time, they're more refined. And the entire game looks better too.

So how unfortunate that I find myself un-compelled by the game's namesake character. He doesn't compare to Phoenix Wright at all, and every time I see Phoenix Wright in this game I get a sense of pining. Same goes to Klavier, the game's prosecutor. Despite his rock persona, he's too laid-back during court proceedings, that I do not get the same sense of satisfaction from witnessing the taut rivalry of Phoenix and Edgeworth. The detective that replaces Dick Gumshoe is more than annoying (albeit cute). About the only well-written characters here are Kristoph, Trucy and Phoenix.

The cases are just too easy to solve, and sometimes it's like the game plays itself, and that's because Apollo's not that much smarter than those who surrounds him, so obvious hints get tossed around a lot. This is also the first time of the Ace Attorney series that I encountered a case 1 that's harder than the rest. That chapter is bitch, but the rests are breezes.

Thankfully, the story is very good. Cases 1 and 4 excel.

I recommend it, but next time I hope Capcom makes Apollo Justice more compelling.
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