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[quote=gaia cheater;143730]THAT IS NOT A CHEAT CODE DUMB***!!!! After 2 years of searching for gaia cheat codes i have found NOTHING NOTHING that was not going to ask you for personal info of get your ip bannedi have decided that i shall copy and post this message all over the web and i will get anyone that will give me and John Q, Public all the info we need to really get some gold so that our houses don't look like total CRAP!


LAMO - Why Play the same game for 2 years. Upgrade already. Secondly why would you want to look for cheat codes for 2 years. By that time if you where spending time playing the game you wouldn't need any. As for your age of good old 13. Get a life and go outside and do some sport. I bet after two years you have become so fat that now cheat codes are available to fix your body or life.

Play in moderation.

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