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Re: Gaia Online Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

I can't believe this
if you want something, earn it
if you dont want to do that, get a new hobbie
cuz you make it sound like your pretty obsesed with this
cuz im sick and tired of hearing people
complain about how there's no cheats or hacks
but really if you were a true gamer ou wouldn't be saying that
and besides, whats the fun of cheating and hacking anyway?
theres a reason that when you sign up for something like gaia
they dont just hand you a list stating the cheats and hacks or anything else like that for the game or whatever it is.
they dont want to ruin.
think, if you played a game like zelda lets say
and at the beggining you found a list of cheats in the game (how wierd would that be) and there was a cheat to automatically beat the game, would you?
i think not.
and whats the fun of getting a lot of gold on gaia anyway?
you'd have a really good avatar and then what?
you wouldnt have to do anything.
if you want to just design avatars, just go to and stop bothering people with your stupid complaining.
cuz like i said
i am annoyed by people who are so obsessed with this stuff.
Get a life!
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