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Re: Gaia Online Cheat Codes

Originally Posted by gaia cheater View Post
THAT IS NOT A CHEAT CODE DUMB***!!!! After 2 years of searching for gaia cheat codes i have found NOTHING NOTHING that was not going to ask you for personal info of get your ip bannedi have decided that i shall copy and post this message all over the web and i will get anyone that will give me and John Q, Public all the info we need to really get some gold so that our houses don't look like total CRAP! and our avitars don't look worse than last years chrismas orphens so that perhaps gaia MIGHT be enjoyable. and furthermore i know what some of you are out there are thinking "ohhh it's just some 32 year old LOSER sitting in his mothers basment looking at porn all night wishing he had a girlfriend' WELL GESS WHAT! i am just an average 13 year old guy sitting in my room at 11:30 at night looking for a gamer that has A real cheat code!

I want to know why every loser that just wants to be noticed keeps on adding widly known things like

"Vote in the Arena.
Post on the Boards.
Do a poll on the boards.
Daily chance?"

listen you ****ing morons! if they tell you how to do it that it's okay to do it that they want you to do it or that it's GOOD for you to do it

~~~~~~~~IT AIN"T A CHEAT CODE~~~~~~~~~~

So stop posting what they TELL YOU when you sign up and get a real one!

now let me tell you what i'm gonna do... i am going to start a profile on myspace called gaiacheats64 and then i am going to start spreading out everywere so if you have a REAL Gaia Online cheatcode look for my profile and add cheat codes any way you want if you want add me as a friend but know this if you sen me a cheat code that don't work i am kicking you off my page.
And that, kids, is how to epically fail at life. X]

You're a hardcore gamer, my ass. With your terrible spelling and grammar? No. Seriously, stop trying to act badass, it's not working. If you actually read the title of this thread, you'd know that tips and such are welcome. Who cares that you're not some 32 year old guy living with your mom. I'd take talking to that guy on the internet than some cocky thirteen year old guy with nothing better to do than pick a fight online and not even go about it properly. Honestly, who cares? Don't bring personal stuff here when it isn't even relevant to the topic.

As far as the actual topic goes, I'm not away of any cheat codes for Gaia. The only tips that I know of have already been mentioned. Oh bubbletrumps.
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