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Re: What Are You Reading Right Now?

I'm taking a Modern American Lit class right now and for that I'm reading Lolita, Toni Morrison's Sula, and rereading The Crying Of Lot 49, along with a sampling of Beat poetry and assorted writings, Burroughs (big fan, Naked Lunch is a favorite of mine), Kerouac (is actually more difficult for me than Burroughs for some reason, maybe I'm just not totally into total realism in my prose), Ginsberg (class act). Prior to the start of the semester I was reading Against The Day and really don't want to leave that unfinished because since I read Gravity's Rainbow I've basically committed to reading everything Pynchon has written, and if I wimp out on this one I am a lazy coward and possibly a bitch. I intend to start reading Joyce very soon. Never got very far in Ulysses, but I do intend to read it over the summer, along with Dubliners and Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man. I got about 15 pages into Finnegans Wake a couple months ago before getting nauseous, though I was nevertheless kind of enjoying it. The last book I got through was Blood Meridian, which wasn't consistently enjoyable, really, but effortlessly great and visceral and profound on a consistent basis nevertheless.
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