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the only problem with the game itself is that there are a few glitches. The one that bothers me the most is that the developers do not know what and offensive foul is so you will get a couple of these called on you if you are a agressive player. Many people on this seem to have trouble finding features with in the game. In dynasty mode it is very easy as there is a menu accesible menu by clicking start. Ea added features like hot spots so that change your player's ability of hitting shots from certain spots on the floor. This feature is actually not as restrictive as it seems. Being a long time NBA Live customer, the game speed SUCKS in this game. Luckily, you can change it in the options menu in the home screen or in the in game menu. Isuggest 75 percent (from 50 percent) as 75 percent is most realistic. NBA Live 06 is my favorite year for next-ten because the gameplay in 06 was seamless and very detailed. But there is no dynasty mode in 06. 07 is terrible, but I enjoy playing 08 because of its revamped dynasty mode and its new/ improved features.

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