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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by Brad Gallaway View Post
Finished Half-Life 2: Episode One last night... it was basically the same as HL2 except better since it was tighter and more focused. i also really like what they've got going here in terms of the post-alien-takeover setting and the whole rebellion-ish characterization of the characters and gameplay.

too bad it doesn't seem to connect much continuity visible to players with what happened in HL1, and also that Gordon's mute. IMO, the game would be *tons* better if he had a damn personality.

moving on to the new NiGHTS or maybe HL2: Ep2 next... still undecided.
I recommend you take the Half Life gravy train the whole way through. The entire experience feels a lot better in consecutive playthroughs.

I'm also surprised you liked Episode 1. I have full confidence that you'll enjoy Episode 2 even more. IMO Episode 2 is the better game, with better story elements, better graphics, and better pacing. It starts off a little slow, but before you know it the game picks up considerably.

Stop wasting time with Nights and go get No More Heroes.

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